Stop the eradication of Islam by China

What if you were being persecuted for practicing your deen, what if your Masjid was demolished?

How will you fulfil your obligation to those who are being oppressed?

Over 16,000 Masjids have been destroyed by the Chinese government.
Every day our brothers and sisters are being sent to concentration camps, ripped apart from their families, and are being mentally and physically abused simply for saying 'la ilaha illalah'

We have special guest Sheikh Dr Sajid Umar and team attending today with a Uyghur muslim brother to tell us about the horrendous Uyghur situation taking place with our muslim brothers and sisters.

This will take place instead of our weekly fiqh class which will continue as normal from next week.

After Asar today (7.45pm) at Greenbank Masjid for brothers and sisters. Doors open from 7.30pm.

Please try to attend to learn about what we can do to help. Don't miss out.

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