Ramadhan Programme and Events

Updated: May 1

DAILY tafsir summary of taraweeh - Brothers and Sisters

Everyday of Ramadhan before the Esha salah (come 20 mins early) where Sheikh Hamzah will give tafsir about the Quran to be read

Qiyam/Night programme - Brothers and Sisters

Spend the last ten nights of Ramadhan in worship to seek out Laylatul Qadr (the night of Power) with Sheikh Feroz

- After Esha and Taraweeh

- Reminders, Quran and salah.

Itikaaf in the masjid - Brothers Only

Join Moulana Hamzah in the last ten nights of Ramadan this year in the itikaaf programme.

- Contact 07516 373795 / Speak to Maulana Hamzah to register a place


- Park sensibly and respect the neighbours

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