Taraweeh arrangements

Updated: May 1

Please download the Ramadhan timetable to see timings

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Main Taraweeh - Brothers and sisters

Detail: Whole Quran, 20 rakahs, completion on 29 Ramadhan

Location: Ground floor - straight after Esha

Imams: Sheikh Abdullah, Sheikh Hamzah, Mufti Wadee Sahib

Hifz Student Taraweeh - Brothers only

Detail: First ten chapters, 20 rakahs

Location; Top floor - straight after Esha

Imams (on rotation): H. Suleman, H. Umar, H. Abubakr, H. Idrees, Ali, Uzayr, Ibrahim, Danyaal, Haroon, Lukon, Asadullah


- Park sensibly and respect the neighbours

- Help reduce plastic waste this Ramadhan by bringing your own water bottles

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