Purification course (Brothers only)

Updated: Jan 26

The Beloved Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said,

"Seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim"

Brothers course every Monday after Esha (7.45pm), In a blessed and small group environment with Moulana Hamzah.

Course Description

What are the aims of this course?

This course will cover the topic of Tahara (purification) from Nur ul-Idah (A classical text on sacred law, and for generations has been one of the most widely taught texts used to transmit Hanafi fiqh)

Taharah (cleanliness) is the part of faith (Iman) of a Muslim. Our faith is incomplete without Taharah. We cannot perform any Ibadah without Taharah.

This Taharah Course aims to educate the Muslims about the rulings of Taharah (cleanliness) Sound worship is based on proper knowledge, this course aims to rectify many of the common mistakes people fall into whilst performing their daily acts of purification be it wudu or ghusl.

Which topics will be covered?

  • The rulings regarding Istinjaa

  • The etiquette of relieving oneself

  • The rulings regarding wudhu

  • The rulings regarding ghusl

  • The rulings regarding Tayammum

  • The rulings regarding wiping one’s socks and bandages.

  • Types of Najaasah

  • Purification of filth

Who is this course for?

  • Brothers fiqh course for students who are seeking clarity in their faith and worship.

  • Dedicated and zealous students

  • Ideal for new muslims

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